Haeger / Hardware Insertion Machines

Haeger has been the leader in setting a standard for Hardware Insertion Machines for over 25 years. Haeger has always tried to introduce machines and tooling to meet the needs of our customers and we are doing it again.

This NEW series of Hardware Insertion Profit Centers brings a host of unique and innovative methods to the shop floor:
* Increased accessibility on the lower horn
* NEW 350 Auto Feed System has a one piece Quick Mount Tooling with a one handle quick release
* Integrated Tool Storage
* Quick change over from Automatic to Manual with the new Quick Disconnect “T” Bracket and all of the connections in the bracket
* Includes Energy saving Instant Start/Stop Motor
* Articulating Arm for the computer to make better operator ergonomics

The 824WT-4e and the 824OT-4e will keep all of the Quality Control features that made the 824WT-3 and 824OT-3 leaders in the field:
* Fastener Detection (fastener presence in the tooling)
* Fastener Length Detection
* Four Station Turret Insertion System (TIS) on the 824WT-4e
* Insertion Graphics providing a visual guide
* The legendary Haeger Patented Safety System that is effective at any point in the ram stroke irrespective of the tooling length

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